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Write for Us, Electrical and Electronics Guest Blog Post

Are you an expert in Electrical and Electronics Engineering? Are you enthusiastic about contributing technical content to the blog? If that’s the so, you’ve come to the ideal spot. To show off your content writing talents on any Electrical and Electronics topic. is an online platform where individuals may discuss, advise, and debate topics related to electronics. We’re a knowledgeable forum with a growing network of electrical engineering enthusiasts and seasoned experts, and we’re here to assist.

We are constantly on the lookout for outstanding technical writers and engineers who wish to contribute their unique perspectives on current advancements in the electronics sector.

We publish high-quality, original material in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering. Such as technical articles, question banks, project tasks, and research papers.

I’d also want to thank you for your interest in contributing articles to our site. We consider it a great pleasure to display your excellent work on our website.

Who can write for us?

To write for our blog, you must be knowledgeable about the subject matter. An undergraduate or graduate student in electrical, electronics, computer, control systems would be a perfect contributor to our blog. The article’s grammar should be checked by the writer. You are free to write on any topic relating to electrical engineering. For example, you may write about the power system (electrical generation, transmission, and distribution), electrical machines, and so on.

Electronic circuits are primarily used for the control, processing, information distribution, conversion, and distribution of electrical energy. An electronic system is a collection of circuits that interact with one another to produce a result. With all of the circuits and electronic systems. Electronics is a tremendously difficult subject. Still, we must admit that it is a fantastic world for many people, particularly those who relate to the topic.

What do we accept?

  • Guest posts about power electronics
  • Articles by guest authors on power electronics
  • Press Releases from power electronics businesses and public relations companies
  • Power electronics articles and research papers
  • White papers from power electronics businesses

Write for Us Guidelines

Please read and follow the terms and conditions below before submitting your content.

  • A contributor should write an article of at least 800 words.
  • To preserve consistency, the articles should focus on diverse viewpoints on certain issues.
  • You must supply the required visuals and will be the property of the electric shock.
  • An article should not contain more than 15% plagiarism. The program used for plagiarism checker. If an article contains more than 15% plagiarism, it will not be published.
  • A revision may be requested to ensure the quality of the content or format.
  • You must provide the references for the content you write but only one link to a domain per blog.
  • Proofread your text before submitting it to avoid any misinformation or technical errors.
  • Reader feedback is beneficial and should be used for constructive improvement.
  • Because the editor is responsible for a large number of contributors. Please be patient and wait for their response.
  • Finally, don’t forget to include your bio and a brief description with your contributed content. Since we will use it in your posts and on the website.

How to Submit at

If you agree to the above terms and conditions. Please submit your unique contributions to our email along with your bio as a word document, along with your name, post title, post tags, post category, and post content. We will examine your article and respond within a week about approval and publication.

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